Tips Before Applying for Free Laptops for Student Grant

free laptop for students

Tips Before Applying for Free Laptops for Student Grant – Before you give out your personal information, make sure the competition you’re participating in is legitimate. Check if the competing provider has a Privacy Policy , clear competition guidelines backed by a legitimate company.

Also, check to see if the competition is accessible on the company’s website. When calling international classifieds, be careful. If you are under 18, check with your parents before communicating with someone you don’t know online.

Free Laptop Scholarships for College Students

College students are reaching for their laptops and iPads more than ever in an age of increased reliance on digital technology. However, such equipment is too expensive. A basic laptop can cost hundreds of dollars, making it difficult for most students to afford.

Laptops have become an indisputable component of their educational experience, regardless of whether they are in college or have earned a college credential.

Many students connect with teachers and peers through email, take notes on word processing programs, and check grades and assignments using educational tools like a whiteboard.

Laptops can be expensive. Fortunately, there are some possibilities for people looking for a low-cost or even free laptop.

However, unlike other laptops, they always set up online college computers for the curriculum that enrolled each student.

The laptop has Internet access, so you can get the most up-to-date course outlines, assessments, and lecture materials.

The Online Schools Administration provides instructions to laptop manufacturers on what the laptop ‘s software composition should be.

While most online institutions that offer free laptops allow students to keep them after graduation, some colleges require them to be returned (but may still offer the student a deep discount to purchase the device).

Some colleges offer scholarships and financial aid for people who are economically disadvantaged or have a low-income family member, making it much easier for students to get their own mobile computing systems.

4. Use the scholarship

Some organizations, like universities, help students get a free laptop. We have compiled a list of scholarships that can help students receive a free laptop through Scholarships.

Chickasaw Nation Higher Education

The Chickasaw Nation scholarship program offers qualified students turnkey mobile computing systems. Qualified students can get a laptop with a 250 gigabyte hard drive, Windows Vista operating system, 8x speed DVD/RW drive, built-in WLAN card, and 2 megabytes of RAM starting in 2010.

Students who are Chickasaw Nation members should plan to attend college full time. They only awarded the prize for a notebook to selected students during their undergraduate years.

The Chickasaw Nation also offers several scholarship opportunities that could help with everything from school textbooks and tuition to new clothes.

Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation (MCWTF)

The Women’s Council of the Michigan Technology Foundation offers a clothing scholarship program for qualified women. Applicants must be Michigan citizens with a minimum GPA of 2.8.

Women may plan to attend college as graduate or undergraduate students. The council awards three scholarships each year to cover the costs of a notebook, printer, and other necessary applications for students.

Students must also study information systems, graphic design, computer science, or software engineering. A letter of recommendation as well as a statement or summary of relevant professional experience in the application package.

Carolina Computing Initiative

The Carolina Computing Initiative is one of the affiliate programs of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. New UNC students who demonstrate financial need may be eligible for a Portable College Scholarship immediately.

In addition to the College Board CSS Profile, applicants must complete a FAFSA form. Students who have attended UNC before or who have a bachelor’s degree are not eligible.

There is no cash prize; instead, the selected students have two purchase alternatives. They can choose from the laptop standard currently offered to grant winners, which includes four years of insurance and a security lock.

Students who want to buy more expensive laptops may be eligible for a discount, but must pay the rest of the bill with conventional payment methods, such as cash or credit cards. Some students may be eligible for partial scholarships for laptops.

5. Look for companies that offer education discounts

You can ask a computer company to give you a discount because of your education. Lenovo, for example, offers a 5% discount to students and teachers who use to authenticate their identity. Some Apple laptops also come with educational discounts.

6. Find third-party websites

Another method to save money on a laptop is to buy one that has been used before. Sellers can list new or used things, including laptops, on sites like Craigslist and Offer Up in their local market.

Buyers and sellers can meet in person to complete the deal, giving buyers the opportunity to check out the products. On eBay, buyers can find new and used laptops.

However, be careful when dealing with third party merchants as they are not always trustworthy.

7. Contest to compete for free laptops

Participate in contests. It’s easy to find contests that award prizes to laptops on the Internet. Some may request a name and email address to enter a drawing, while others may request an essay, creation, or creative concept for consideration.

Even if a laptop doesn’t win, many contests offer cash to buy one. Burger King, for example, offers specific cash awards to high school students who have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and want to attend college or trade school through its scholarship program.

8. Free Craigslist Laptops 

Look for free laptop deals or stores in newspaper classifieds or on the Internet. You can find a free laptop by looking at classified ads in the newspaper or on websites like Craigslist.

Some people have old notebooks that they no longer use and are willing to give away. You may be interested in a trade if you don’t want to give the notebook away.

See if the person is interested in negotiating something that is no longer needed by calling or emailing them. Keep an eye out for lists posted at your university or campus, as other students may also be looking for ways to support laptop purchases.

Additional resources for free or discounted laptops

1. Student notebooks

Notebooks for Students is a non-profit organization offering discount laptops to college, high school, elementary and homeschool students.

2. Computers with causes

Computers With Causes takes donations of used or surplus computers and delivers them to students, teachers, schools, and other worthy recipients.

3. With causes

With Causes reuses and recycles computers to help disadvantaged and underemployed people. The organization also provides support for educational programs and classrooms, including computer labs.

The organization LAPTOPS WITH A CAUSE launched an initiative to donate computers to low-income students. How do you get one?

Here we tell you. On its Facebook page, the organization explains that the initiative aims to provide computers, laptops or tablets to high school and university students who cannot afford them so that they can continue their studies.

However, the pandemic has changed what we want from these machines. Laptops now need to get online from home, on top of free school broadband and professionally managed Wi-Fi networks.

Laptop hardware also requires more power and battery life to hold video conferences and run browsers for six hours or more.

Its goal is to give tablets or laptops to those students who cannot afford them, so that they can continue with their studies. We operate through voluntary contributions.

We need you!” So for those of you who have a laptop you no longer use or have the resources to donate one for students who can’t afford it, here’s your chance.

Online learning also has its own advantages. In theory, teachers can obtain data to personalize the educational process. Students also learn technology skills from an early age.

The silver lining is that kids doing this now are probably even more prepared for our digital economy. Your child’s school may provide laptops for students, or you may purchase them with a required survival plan.

It’s all about having the perfect mindset about show time and also having the right equipment. The goal should be to help the learner learn to organize and develop screen time management skills, as well as discover a love of learning on a single platform.


Fill out the organization registration form, which you can find here. Make a list of your information, including your name, school, email address, and the equipment you need. You must also include a photo of your legal identification and evidence of registration. eye!

The organization indicated that there is now a waiting list because they cannot guarantee delivery of equipment to all applicants because they operate on a donation basis.

To become a donor, simply fill out the form with your contact information and they will get in touch with you.

How can a laptop be donated to the organization LAPTOPS WITH A CAUSE?

To donate to the charity, please complete the registration form, which you can find here. Show the type of equipment you want to donate and the operating system you are using. If not Office Packs and a charger, that’s even better. You should also explain if there are any faults or damage.

Please provide your phone number and email address. Pick a location for the afternoon drop off and meeting. If you need a computer and want to take advantage of this program, you will need to fill out a specific form.

This will put you on a waiting list for a computer so you can continue studying.

4. Virginia Star

This after school club teaches high school students how to restore computers. They donate these refurbished computers to school districts, organizations, and families in need.

5. Tech for the troops

Tech for Troops refurbishes used computers to keep them out of landfills. The organization donates these refurbished computers to needy veterans and their families.

6. Kramden Institute

Kramden Institute refurbishes old computers and gives them to students and community members in need. The organization also offers educational programs in digital literacy and advanced coding.

7. Technology exchange

We found Tech Exchange to help address the digital divide. The organization provides refurbished computers to low-income families for free.

8. Community Computer Connections Program

This program refurbishes computers and offers them free to low-income individuals, veterans, and families on Long Island.



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