9 Proven Social Media Design Tips That Will Increase Your Engagement

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 9 Proven Social Media Design Tips That Will Increase Your Engagement


You may have invested your time, effort, and money into your social media marketing campaign. You’ve created all the content you want to share with your audience, found the perfect hashtags for engagement, and have beautiful photos that will get everyone excited about what’s happening in your company. But how do you design an account that will attract customers? If your goals are to increase engagement, attract customers, and create brand awareness, you need to use these proven social media design tips. They are easy to implement into your current design! Follow these simple yet effective design tips for an instant boost of likes and shares on your posts.


Stick to One or Two Fonts

The font you use in your social media posts is important. Too many fonts can be confusing and make it difficult for people to read your content. Stick to one or two fonts that complement each other well. It will help keep your account looking clean and organized. Avoid excessive fonts and use a maximum of three fonts in your posts. The font style and size should also be consistent throughout your posts. Using the same font throughout will help keep your posts looking uniform.


Make Your Posts Visual

People are drawn to visuals, and they are more likely to engage with a post that has a visual attached to it. It doesn’t mean you have to include an image in every post but adding relevant visuals when possible can help increase engagement. Infographics, videos, and gifs can be used to help visually explain a point. If you don’t have the time or skills to create visuals yourself, there are plenty of free tools available on the web that will take your text-based content and turn it into an image for you. These tools will let you add a visual to your post quickly and easily. Use CouponGot coupons and save big on these incredible tools.


Create a Sense of Urgency

People are more likely to take action when they feel like time is running out. You can create a sense of urgency with your social media posts by using words that indicate the end, such as “last chance,” or phrases like “one day left” and then telling people what the deadline is. The end of the year is a great time to use this strategy, as people are looking for ways to make their lives better at the start of a new year. Also, the start or end of the new season, coming of events, and famous people’s birthdays are better times to use this strategy than others.


Updates and Relevant Content

When creating social media content, you must be as relevant and timely as possible. Users appreciate that they are getting an update on something happening right now. Also, if people see a brand talking about what’s happening in real-time, they know they are not being ignored. It also helps in terms of customer service; if someone takes to social media to talk about a problem, the brand can jump on it and provide a solution.


Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a trendy aspect of social media marketing. They allow your posts to be seen by more people and help you connect with other users interested in the same topics. Use a trending hashtag if you want to get more traffic. If the hashtag is popular, then there are a lot of chances that people will see your post and interact with it. It also helps you connect with other users interested in the same topics.


Use a Graphic

A graphic is an essential part of any social media post. Not only does it help to break up the text, but it also attracts attention and can help you get more shares. Make sure that your graphics are high-quality and relevant to your topic. Graphics also work well to promote a new product or service. Using the right graphic can help you get more leads. By availing discounts and deals from Offers.com, you can make your graphics even more powerful with the best graphics tools like canvas or Adobe Photoshop.


Use a Quote

Quotes are another great way to attract attention on social media. They also help to add personality to your posts. Make sure that the quotes you use are relevant to your audience and provide value. You can also use quotes from experts in your field to help establish authority. It’s also a good idea to use quotes from your customers. Quotations help establish trust and increase engagement with your audience.


Use Colors Carefully

Too much color can also be jarring and overwhelming to people looking at your posts. Use colors carefully and thoughtfully, making sure they complement each other and the overall design scheme you are using. Choose two or three colors max and stick to those throughout your account for a cohesive look. The colors you choose for your social media posts should also reflect the colors you use on your website and other marketing materials.


Easy to Read Text

The text you choose for your social media posts should be easy to read. It means using big enough font sizes and avoiding too many fonts, especially when posting on a mobile device. If people can’t see or read what you’re sharing, it will not increase engagement at all. An easy-to-read and understandable post will help to keep people on your page longer.


Use White Space Effectively

White space is the empty area in a design. It can create balance, help with legibility and make your post look cleaner. When you’re using white space effectively, it will help draw attention to the most important parts of your post. Use white space to group related content, such as headers and paragraphs. Grouping like items makes your post more organized. It also helps to increase the readability of a page by allowing readers’ eyes to flow easily from one section of text to another.


Keep it Short and Simple.

You don’t want people scrolling past the tweet or Instagram post because they’re bored by what you’ve written. Keep short sentences, paragraphs, and messages in mind when writing on social media. You should try not to exceed 140 characters per message if posting via Twitter. A short and simple message will encourage the reader to comment.


Create Branded Templates

Templates make your posts look more professional and uniform. When people see a post that looks like it came from a brand they trust, they’re more likely to engage with it. Try using a branded template for all of your social media posts, or at least for the networks on which you have the most followers. It also helps to use the same header image on each of your social media profiles, showing that you’re all part of one brand. You should also consider creating contests, coupons, giveaways; product announcements or promotions; questions, and polls for better engagement.


In the End

Social media is a powerful tool to increase your sales. When you create compelling content and follow the best practices for social media design, visitors will be more likely to engage with you on social networks. It’s also important to create a consistent brand across your marketing channels. Your online presence will be more effective if it reflects the same message and tone as other places where you have an audience, such as print or television ads, for instance. Read more such articles at Quick Business News site.




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