Improving Commercial Laundry Services with Robotics and AI

Improving Commercial Laundry Services with Robotics and AI

If you have Girbau North America coin op laundry machines, customers can self-serve to reduce the size of your labor force. However, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) in the laundry industry revolutionize how businesses operate and drive customer satisfaction to new heights. In this article, we walk you through how AI and robotics take commercial laundry services to the next level. Let’s dive in to learn more.

Robotics and ai are a gift to laundry businesses

The latest technological developments allow laundry owners to extensively automate the linen handling process. For example, the linen handling process was manual in the past. Workers in the laundry store had to sift through dirty linen and categorize laundry. Today, AI-powered machines can sift through laundry using radio frequency identification (RFID) tag readers to sort and categorize laundry. These machines can be “taught” what each piece of linen is to help sort laundry quickly. This technology drives commercial laundry services to the next level by accurately sorting the laundry and increasing the volume of clothes your business handles daily.

Machines built for this purpose can sift through more pieces of laundry per hour than humans can. Additionally, they reduce work for the human team because they won’t have to spend hours sifting through the laundry. Instead, their work will be to look out for the laundry rejected by the RFID tag readers. As a result, AI-powered robotic machines boost productivity and efficiency in the laundry business.

Automated quality control improves productivity and customer satisfaction

Robotics and AI have revolutionized how laundry business owners inspect the quality of their services to customers. For example, linen scanning systems like Jenscan Plus can scan washed laundry for stains, tears, and imperfections. The system leverages high-speed, high-resolution cameras to conduct a visual quality assessment on different pieces of linen. The technology can inspect both sides of a piece of linen, which is a significant advantage when performing quality checks for different types of laundry like duvets and pillow cases. Automated quality control machines use advanced algorithms to find creases and folds on pieces of laundry to help you identify clothes that haven’t been well-ironed.

These robotic machines ensure you deliver the best services to customers if you offer ironing services. Most importantly, the quality control machines also detect faint stains on clothes, ensuring you don’t deliver substandard laundry services to customers. This can improve customer satisfaction in your business. These quality control checks help reduce repetitive manual tasks and human error in your laundry operations. Automated quality control processes improve productivity by completing tasks faster than human effort.

Robotics and ai are here to improve the quality of your commercial laundry services

Robotics and artificial intelligence take your services to the next level by increasing productivity and reducing human effort (and errors). For example, sorting laundry is a repetitive task for your staff that may complete it slower than a machine. AI-powered machines improve this process by sorting dozens of pieces of laundry per hour without human intervention. This reduces the time spent in the sorting process so that your staff can focus on other core activities in your business. Because of automation, you can also reduce your labor costs by only hiring a few employees.



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