What is Social media marketing?

Social Media

thereso, Social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing or social network marketing refers to the tools and practices used on Social Media Marketing or social network marketing refers to the tools and practices used on social media in order, to raise awareness in order, to raise awareness of the brand or the company and, on the other hand, to manage conversations within one or more targeted communities to turn them into prospects and then customers.

This is usually one of the tasks of the Community manager. These forums are all levers that allow the brand to engage in conversation with its customers and prospects and to listen to its community.

As businesses seek to attract quality traffic to their site, SMO (Social Media Optimization) – made up of social SEO and social media advertising – offers a new source of targeted traffic. The growing popularity of the sites now encourages brands to take a close interest in them.

How to use social networks with a company?

An expression sums it up: the digital strategy or marketing strategy on social networks.

How to create a social media strategy?

 First and foremost, tailor your strategy to the needs of your business or brand.

1 – Define your target audience

Establish the critical data of the audience you are trying to reach: age, gender, profession, interests, etc.

2 – Create content

A successful social strategy relies on creating and sharing recent, original, and quality content. It would help if you, therefore, create for them regularly.

3 – Focus on critical social networks

Research the main networks used by your target audience. Furthermore, by adding new networks to your communication arsenal. Then you will need to build a community there.

4 – Develop your strategy

Mastering social networks are far from an exact science. You must establish a coherent publication schedule to obtain results—set goals for post frequency and follower engagement.

5 – Analyze your results

Many indicators are available for social networks, but you can start by studying the amount of traffic they direct to your site or blog.

Numbers indicating success:

  • New Subscribers
  • interactions
  • Visits to your site from social networks

What is the importance of social networks in digital marketing?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. First related to a hobby, these platforms have become tangible marketing assets for companies. 

It is now essential for the latter to learn how to use it to address new targets and develop their market. This new communication channel not only strengthens its digital presence. But, also increases its number of customers.

Immediate customer feedback

The main advantage of social networks is proximity to customers. It is a direct communication channel that allows users to share their experience with the product or service.

By remaining attentive to all comments, we can anticipate customer expectations and adopt the best strategy. The latter may concern the innovations to be made to the products or the marketing arguments that will make them successful. In addition, consumer opinions are often more listened to than other potential buyers’ speeches, sometimes considered too commercial, of the brand.

What are social networks used?


Social network today brings together many features that are very useful in business. The Facebook business page allows you to interact with your customers and let them have their say about your products and services. Moreover, you can organize unique events, such as a contest or a survey. The strategy for success is based on generating emotion within a community and playing with the various existing features.

However, from the social network stage, Facebook has moved on to that of social media, and it is now more challenging to have a place of choice without going through advertising.


The network seems to be losing momentum. However, it still has many users and benefits for businesses. First, Twitter is an excellent way to communicate directly with customers, thanks to good community management.

Twitter is also a good element in SEO. Tweets can be referenced in Google search results, which is why taking care of your content strategy is essential.

A corporate Twitter account is also undeniably valid when it comes to monitoring. Thanks to numerous keyword research tools, you can search for reviews of your company and information on your competitors.


It is now essential to have a LinkedIn profile regularly fed and updated for a company. It is a remarkably effective networking tool. You can build up an impressive address book by adding your customers, collaborators, and suppliers!

LinkedIn is also widely used in human resources as a complete and effective recruitment tool that allows you to take advantage of its bank of more than 400 million users.


The use of Instagram is centered on the image. By sharing images of your company’s daily life, you are helping to build your brand image. When launching the account, all possible means must be implemented: advertising campaigns, collaborations with famous accounts, adding appropriate hashtags, etc.

It is essential to have a good content strategy. Your brand must have a solid visual identity. So. that your content is in line with the values ​​of the social network.

Instagram’s clients are mostly of young people. This is why the platform is widely used by creators of start-ups or small businesses wanting to give a “friendly” side to their business.

How has social media changed in 2020?


If the person interested in your products can ask questions and receive an automatic response, they will feel heard and considered. We live in a world where everything is immediate. A delay can lead people to move to another company.

Private exchanges and groups

Social networks seem to be returning to their initial vocation! since users increasingly favor personal and private exchanges (Messenger, WhatsApp) rather than discussions on the public scene of social media.

The groups are seen as and are privileged to a place of exchange and communication. Unlike public discussions, which can be virulent, users of groups have the feeling of being part of a community and being able to discuss subjects that concern them. Users prefer interacting with people with similar interests rather than talking to everyone. What makes sense? The time for authenticity seems to have come, even on social networks.


As we know, TikTok is becoming more and more critical. This is a new opportunity for brands, and acting as a pioneer will positively impact your brand awareness. This social network is ultimately a good way to reach Generation Z. So, the success of TikTok once again confirms the importance of storytelling and video! 

The well-being

The population is increasingly aware of the impact of social networks on mental health. With the #DigitalDetox hashtag, users want to reduce their time on social networks. That why, it would help if you instead focused on the quality and relevance of the messages rather than the quantity.

Therefore, individuals are also increasingly concerned about respect for their privacy. moreover, users covet private social networks such as Minds, MeWe, and Telegram. On these platforms, no advertising, possible anonymity, the feed is organic, and your privacy is protected.

A relationship of trust

Building trust between brands and consumers is becoming increasingly important. So, we want to find our favorite brands’ values ​​and commitments that correspond to us. Moreover, it is what can lead us to choose one brand over another. If a product, a service, etc. Companies need to be transparent in how they act and present themselves.

Customer experience and augmented reality

The goal of technology in augmented and virtual reality marketing is to improve the customer experience. It has proven itself. Particularly in tourism and real estate. So, even if shopping on the internet is still relevant. But today’s consumer seeks to live virtual and playful experiences.

The micro-influencers

What goes with meaningful exchanges, the creation of small communities, and an increase in private exchanges? The little influencers! They are also micro or nano-influencers. Therefore, promoting a more authentic exchange with a small community. So, calling on these influencers, therefore, makes it possible to focus on more specific audiences and spend less while being efficient.




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