Health Insurance: Get Wellness Perks For A Healthy Lifestyle

Health Insurance: Get Wellness Perks For A Healthy Lifestyle

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance. As individuals, we strive to take care of our well-being by adopting various wellness practices and routines. Health insurance not only provides financial protection in times of medical emergencies but also offers a range of wellness perks that promote a healthy lifestyle. These perks are designed to encourage individuals to lead healthier lives and make proactive choices when it comes to their well-being.

Health insurers are increasingly providing their clients with wellness programmes like gym and sports club memberships, yoga lessons, and routine physicals when they buy health insurance. Participating in wellness initiatives in the previous policy period can lead to premium concessions or increased sum insured upon policy renewal. These savings, however, are unrelated to the cumulative bonus that insurers provide.

The wellness reward points can also be used to receive concessions at various wellness facilities like gyms and yoga studios as well as for specific medical tests at network hospitals and diagnostic centres. Policyholders can utilis     e value-added features such as outpatient consultations and health checks, promoting early diagnosis and preventive healthcare.

A few insurance companies also offer second medical opinions, where the policyholder can speak with physicians who have contracts with the insurance provider.

Wellness providers and InsureTech entrepreneurs are working together to offer app-based health and wellness solutions. Insurers follow the insured through smart wearable health monitoring devices. These health monitoring applications produce data on users’ behaviours and health, which will enable them to better monitor their health.

What To Look For

The insurance regulator had ordered businesses to offer wellness and preventive features in health policies by September 2020. It emphasised that insurers should give insured people a chance to enrol in wellness programmes without prejudice to enhance the insured’s health.

While these benefits don’t impact policy pricing, policyholders should review the wellness benefits’ terms, especially the types of medical tests covered by the free health check-up.  Before buying health insurance, assess if it permits expanding health checks by paying extra during health insurance policy renewal and if wellness benefits are included in the standard coverage or as an add-on.

Health insurance wellness perks play a vital role in promoting a healthy lifestyle and ensuring the well-being of individuals. They go beyond the traditional health insurance coverage of medical expenses and extend support towards preventive care, fitness activities, and other wellness initiatives. By offering incentives and rewards for healthy choices, health insurance companies encourage individuals to prioritise their well-being and take proactive measures to maintain good health. These wellness perks empower individuals to lead healthier lives, whether it’s access to fitness facilities, reduced gym memberships, nutrition programs, or mental health support. 

Health insurance goes beyond just providing financial protection during times of illness; it also offers valuable wellness perks for a healthy lifestyle. Policyholders can take advantage of these benefits to maintain their well-being, detect potential health issues early, and even enjoy incentives like premium concessions     or higher coverage limits. By embracing these wellness initiatives, individuals can truly make the most of their health insurance plans, ensuring not only financial security but also a healthier and happier life.

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