Why You Must Check Waiting Period for Maternity Claims?

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What is the waiting period in a maternity insurance plan?

The waiting period in a maternity health insurance plan is the period after which insurance coverage is made available to the insured. Any claim made by the policyholder during the waiting time is denied, and there is no financial assistance offered to pay for the costs associated with maternity leave. *

A maternity insurance policy’s waiting period starts on the day the policy is issued, albeit it may differ from one insurance plan to another. 

Waiting periods in different maternity health insurance plans 

There are four different types of waiting periods for maternity health insurance plans. *

As follows: 

  • Waiting Period for Maternity Coverage  – Maternity insurance policies typically cover maternity costs after a waiting period of 9 months to 6 years. Depending on the plan, the exact waiting period could be different.
  • Initial Waiting Period – A 30-day initial waiting period is standard for all health insurance plans that include maternity care. Except for medical costs associated with unintentional injuries, the insurance provider does not accept claims during this time. 
  • Pre-existing disease waiting period – Pre-existing condition waiting periods for maternity insurance policies range from two to four years. The insurance provider will not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions during this time.
  • Specific ailments/treatments waiting period – After a 2-year waiting period, certain illnesses and treatments are covered by maternity insurance plans. The insurance company’s policy paper includes a list of these particular illnesses and procedures. 

How does maternity health insurance’s waiting period operate? 

The applicable waiting time begins on the policy start date when a woman purchases maternity health insurance. Every year, the insurance must be renewed without fail. The maternity coverage starts as soon as the waiting time is finished, and the insured becomes qualified to submit a claim. *

Therefore, it is best to purchase maternity health insurance in advance rather than just before or during pregnancy. Women who intend to start a family in the next few years should buy it. By doing this, the maternity insurance plan’s waiting period will have expired by the time the covered lady becomes pregnant. 

Are there any maternity insurance plans that do not have a waiting period?

Regrettably, no. Currently, there is a waiting period associated with each maternity health insurance plan. In actuality, maternity coverage under standard health insurance policies does not also come with a zero waiting period. As a result, individuals, couples, and women who intend to start a family in the near future should purchase maternity insurance in advance to enjoy the benefits of health insurance

Can the waiting period for maternity insurance be shortened? 

Yes. Many maternity insurance plans provide you with the choice to shorten the waiting period. These add-ons, such as PED waiting period reduction, are provided to shorten the waiting period that applies to health insurance policies that cover pregnancy. These riders, however, are only accessible by paying an additional premium sum. However, not all maternity insurance policies might provide this choice. 

Consider a maternity insurance plan where the waiting time for pre-existing conditions is four years. The waiting period can be lowered from four years to just two years if you purchase a PED waiting period reduction rider. This will be an ideal way how to claim health insurance, with the possibility of lowering your waiting period.

Unquestionably, one of the best investments married couples can make to pay for their future baby costs is maternity health insurance. You should carefully review the waiting time and also compare health insurance from various providers before purchasing a plan. By purchasing a waiting period reduction rider, you can also investigate the possibility of lowering your waiting period.

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